Air Conditioning Peel Region - Western Australia

At Hearth House, WA’s leading heating and air-conditioning suppliers, we have top-quality air-conditioning systems for residents in the Peel region of Western Australia. We understand that our customers have different needs, so we make sure to offer a selection of products that address any type of air-con and heating requirements. Our air-conditioning products are divided into two categories:


CoolBreeze evaporative air-conditioning units are ideal for homeowners in Mandurah or around the Peel region, who want a breath of fresh air every day. These A/C systems cool the air through the environmentally friendly process of evaporating water. The cool air comes from the outside, is cooled and then fanned inside your home. You do not have to keep your doors and windows closed; evaporative air-conditioners replace stale air instead of recycling it as in the case of conventional air-conditioning systems.

Evaporative A/C systems work great for climates with summers that are low in terms of humidity. They were designed with the Australian lifestyle in mind, allowing you to feel comfortable and free inside your home while minimising any impact to the environment. They are also very energy efficient and cost-effective. In fact, you spend less in buying and maintaining an evaporative A/C than you do for a conventional air-conditioner.


Ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning units are for homeowners who want a versatile system that caters for the varying temperature changes experienced in the Peel region. Highly effective and reliable, these A/C systems can be used all throughout the year due to their dual function. In the summer, they circulate air and cool it to maintain that comfortable, cool temperature you love. In the winter, the cooling process is reversed to produce warm air perfect for a cosy time with friends and family.

Ducted reverse cycle air-conditioners are installed to distribute air through your home evenly. They are energy efficient and allow you to go through the year without worrying about changing between separate heating and cooling systems.

Understandably, the key to getting the most comfort from your air-conditioning system is determining which product is best for your home and lifestyle. For advice and to view our complete selection of air-conditioning products, visit us at any of our convenient store locations or contact us at Hearth House.