CoolBreeze Evaporative Cooling

With CoolBreeze, you get the highest quality evaporative air-conditioning systems that safely and effectively enhances the levels of comfort in your home.  Hearth House is committed to helping you and your family stay cool through the Western Australian summers with CoolBreeze air-conditioning systems.

As one of the registered distributors of CoolBreeze air-conditioning products in the country, we offer a wide selection of evaporative air-conditioning units for residential and commercial establishments. We have different model ranges, with products equipped with different features that make them perfect for many, if not most, homes in Australia.

Here are other reasons why you should get a CoolBreeze evaporative AC for your home or business:

It is extremely cost-effective.
CoolBreeze units are not as expensive as conventional refrigerative air-conditioners you will find out in the market. They do not take a lot of resources to effectively run, too, thanks to its use of evaporation for cooling and to the innovative features that it comes equipped with. For example, its smart water management system ensures that unused water does not stay inside the machine, reducing the need for repair and maintenance.

It is safe for the family.
Unlike conventional air-conditioners that recycle air in a room, CoolBreeze AC systems replace air, ensuring that the air in your home is always fresh. This prevents the build-up of harmful allergens and bacteria in your home. You do not have to keep your doors and windows closed just to get cooler air. CoolBreeze units support that freedom and openness that the Australian lifestyle embodies.

It is great for the environment.
CoolBreeze air-conditioning units rely on evaporating water to cool down your home, unlike conventional air-conditioners that use refrigerants. These substances have long been known to cause damage to the ozone layer. CoolBreeze units also require less electricity than common ACs, ensuring that you do not leave a substantial carbon footprint.

Make the wise choice and get a CoolBreeze unit now. Just call us at Hearth House or pay us a visit and we will be ready to accommodate your enquiries and order.