Hearth House Air conditioning & Heating FAQs

Air Conditioning:

Which is the best air-conditioning system?

This is a big question but also a very important one. Reverse Cycle air-conditioning has many benefits including providing both heating and cooling to the home. It performs well during humid spells but on the down side can be costly to install and to operate.

Evaporative air-conditioning is ideal for the climate in Perth and across the lower part of the state, from Geraldton down. The big advantages of evaporative air-conditioning is the cost to install is generally around half that of a reverse-cycle system plus the big advantage is the running costs can save around 80 90% compared to a reverse cycle system. However as humidity increases the effectiveness of an evaporative air-conditioner decreases, fortunately though, in Perth we only experience 3-4 hot, humid days each summer.

A popular choice is the Combo which combines a fully ducted CoolBreeze evaporative air-conditioner with a reverse-cycle wall split air-conditioner in the main living area. This provides the best of both worlds the economical to run evap air-conditioner for most of summer with the wall split as back-up for those few hot humid days, plus the wall split also provides heating for winter.

Can I use my air-conditioner to remove cooking smells & other odours from the home?

Yes, your CoolBreeze air-conditioner has a unique exhaust function that allows you to remove odours such as cooking smells, pet smells and generally freshen up the house even during the winter months.

Do I need to open doors & windows when using my air-conditioner?

Evaporative air-conditioning works on exchanging all the air in the home every 2 minutes with fresh filtered air from outside. Clearly this volume of air needs to be released outside so windows or doors will need to be opened.

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On high humidity days, it is important to make sure that there is enough air-flow through the house. If you notice dampness make sure that the windows are open to maintain the air-flow.

Why does my new air-conditioner gives off an unusual smell?

The CoolCel filter material can give off a bad smell when the air-con is used for the first time. The best thing to do is open up as many windows and doors as possible and run the air-conditioner on high the smell wont last long.

How much water will my CoolBreeze air-conditioner use?

Water usage varies according to your use of the air-conditioner and also on the relative humidity of the day. However we can say that CoolBreeze uses less water while maintaining the water quality than any other brand available. Many evaporative air-conditioners use a bleed off system that uses 15-18 litre per hour (thats 180 litres for 10 hours use compared to less than 30 litres for a CoolBreeze).

Why does water drain from the air-conditioner every now and then?

As the air-conditioner operates it evaporates some water, this leaves the impurities in the water inside the water reservoir. These salts can be damaging the CoolCel filter panels, so every 5 hours, the CoolBreeze unit replaces all the high salinity water with fresh water.

Why does water drain from the air-conditioner when it is turned off?

Every time your CoolBreeze air-conditioner is turned off it completely drains all the water and impurities from the unit to ensure that no water is let in the unit. The next time you start your CoolBreeze you can rest assure that it is using fresh clean water, not water that has been sitting there for several days (or all winter) as a breeding ground for mozzies etc.

Can I use the water from the air-conditioner on my garden?

The water drained from the unit will have increased salinity levels. Generally this doesnt present problems in the garden but if in doubt, check with your local nursery for advice.

Do I have to cover my air-conditioner during winter?

You will notice many air-conditioners covered with bags and tarpaulins during the winter months. This is to reduce drafts into the house and also to prevent heat loss from the heater. CoolBreeze offers an optional 4-seasons weather seal that automatically seals the unit every time it is turned off. There is no need to climb on the roof and cover the unit and next spring, on the first hot day of the season, your CoolBreeze is ready to go.


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Both forms of heating have their advantages and its important to choose the type of heater that is right for you.

Gas heating has the big advantage of being easy to use push a button and you have instant heat along with a stylish visual appeal of flames. Gas heaters mean no more chopping firewood and none of the mess.

Wood Heating is the oldest form of heating and is still one of the best. The heat from a wood heater gives a nice even heat and can actually warm the core of the house which, while not actually heating the bedrooms will often take the chill off through the whole house. The price of wood can vary widely, from those with free access to wood from a farm etc to split wood delivered to your home.

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Free wood is not always good wood. Jarrah is still the best but is getting harder to come by and more expensive. Other hardwoods such as red gum (Marri) give out good heat but leave more ash. Pine tends to burn quite quickly so you will be re-fuelling more often.

How can I tell if the firewood is seasoned?

Well-seasoned or dry firewood is critical to the correct operation of your wood heater. Dry is not referring to keeping it out of the rain, but rather to its internal moisture content. Well-seasoned timber splits very easily and when split isnt fibrous. Dry timber doesnt have a mould smell. If in doubt, split the firewood and leave it covered for 3-4 weeks, that should make quite a difference. Un-seasoned wood can completely block the flue in as little as 2 weeks.

Is wood heating damaging to the environment?

On the contrary, wood heating has the benefit of being the only renewable heating source. In fact firewood from plantation timber is actually greenhouse positive because carbon is stored in the roots of the tree. The trees remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they release when burnt.

I use bottled LP gas, are gas heaters still a viable form of heating?

Bottled LPG can be quite expensive and many of the decorative gas log fires use a measure of gas for the flame effect. An average size gas log fire uses around 35 mJ of gas per hour, which works out to $2.10 per hour on its high setting (based on $140 for a 45kg household gas cylinder). So the running costs can be a significant factor.

Installation FAQs:

Why should I get Hearth House to install my heater or air-conditioner?

Our aim is to make buying a heater or air-conditioning system as easy as possible so we have a team of installers that have been trained in installing the particular brands that we sell. Their many years of experience ensures that your new heater or air-conditioner are installed as quickly as possible and with the minimum disruption to you.

We also take care of co-ordinating various trades, especially when installing air-conditioners that require qualified plumbers, electricians and refrigeration experts.

What happens when Hearth House arranges installation of my heater or air-conditioner?

Once you have paid a deposit to confirm your purchase our installation department will advise you of the soonest available installation date.

What happens if something goes wrong with the installation?

We certainly hope that nothing untoward occurs during installation, but we have over 30 years experience in thousands of homes in WA and we know that occasionally things dont go according to plan. In the unfortunate situation where an installer puts his foot through the ceiling or some other similar disaster occurs, all our tradesmen are comprehensively insured and we will rectify any problem.

Hearth House also guarantees the workmanship of all our installers for two years. If there is a roof leak or similar problem, just contact our installation department and they will sort it all out. You dont have to chase down the tradesman responsible, we take care of it.

Were we able to answer all your questions in this FAQ?

For additional enquiries and further details, contact us by giving us a call at 1300 888 088. Our AC specialists will be ready with a response and will assist you in choosing the best system for your home and family. It is our pleasure to be of assistance to ensure your comfort all year round.

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