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DAIKIN FDYQ100LV1 Air conditioning


  • 24Hour Timer
  • Auto cooling, heating changeover to achieve a set temperature
  • Auto fan speed to maintain temperature

Product Description

Daikin FDYQ71LV Air conditioning System

5 Year Warranty

Daikin is consistently judged as the most reliable air conditioner in Australia. Daikin back this up with their 5 year parts and labor warranty.


The intelligent Daikin inverter adjusts the power to suit your needs. Indoor thermostats match your temperature requirements keeping you comfortable while running more efficiently.

DC Fan MotorM

Daikin Indoor Units are equipped with a variable speed high efficiency DC fan motor. By utilising high power permanent magnets instead of the induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, Daikins DC motor can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency. The DC motor control system can also be set to one of fifteen different fan speed ranges to allow your installer to precisely match the airflow to your ducting configuration.
Daikin Air conditioning Ducted 8Zone Controller

8 Zone controller

Daikins ZONE CONTROLLER was developed in Australia specifically for Australian and New Zealand conditions, with innovative features to give you the precise control you need for ultimate comfort across your whole home. With four models available, a ZONE CONTROLLER is the ultimate solution for tailoring your Daikin ducted air conditioning to your exact needs, for optimum comfort where and when you want it.


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