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LG B55 15.0kW Air-Conditioner


Single Phase (High Static) Including Wall Controller

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology refers to the compressor within the outdoor unit of the air-conditioner. The two most common types of compressors are the fixed speed compressor and the variable speed (inverter) compressor. The fixed speed will run at 100% of its capacity and will stop and start automatically to maintain the desired temperature. An inverter compressor will vary its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature.

LG B55 15.0kW installed

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Product Description

Durable Goldfin Coating GoldFin is an anti corrosive treatment on the surface of the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit. The treatment is designed to protect air conditioners from pollution and corrosive conditions and assists in the durability and longevity of the unit. This technology is the ideal solution for harsh Australian outdoor conditions.

Weekly Program The operator can set the timer and program the Air-Conditioner for a period of one week.

Child Lock Function This function prevents little hands from tampering with the control buttons on the unit. All the buttons on the indoor display panel will be blocked.

Quiet Operation A lightweight polymer blower and housing makes air conditioning operation quieter and backup servicing more convenient. The new fan housing can be easily dismantled for convenient servicing and maintenance.

Dual Thermistor Control Dual thermistor control provides the option to control temperature by referring to either of the dual temperature sensors. With the help of the slide switch at the back of the LCD wired remote controller, selection of the desired thermistor for controlling the unit can be achieved. One thermistor is in the indoor unit and the other one is in the LCD wired remote.


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