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It is important to consider the WA weather and your life style when deciding on air conditioning. We supply and install evaporative air conditioners, refrigerated splits and ducted reverse cycle systems.

Evaporative units are cooling only while the others are heating and cooling

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Evaporative air conditioning

Many families turn to evaporative air conditioning services to feel cool despite the Perth climate. Economical and energy efficient, evaporative AC systems are perfect for areas with hot, dry climates. Unlike conventional air conditioners, they do not require enclosed spaces. They are also environmentally friendly.

CoolBreeze is a leading manufacturer of evaporative air conditioners. For over 20 years, their products have been the first choice of many Perth families. Trust CoolBreeze if you want high-quality and affordable AC systems.

Evaporative air conditioners are ideal for the Perth Climate. You will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, every night. Natural evaporative air conditioning cost around half that of refrigerated systems to install and it’s running costs are a fraction of reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

How does Evaporative Cooling work?

Just as the name suggests, the natural process of evaporation is the key to Evaporative air conditioning. In fact, the whole process is very similar to the cooling of air as it is blown across cold sea water, eventually reaching land at a much lower temperature than it originally was. Now to truly understand how Evaporative Cooling works, we must look at effective temperature. Effective temperature is what we feel as a result of air moving across our body on a hot day, this is not the same as actual temperature, which you would measure with a thermometer. When we feel a cold breeze blow against our skin, the breeze is actually the same temperature as the other air around us, however, we perceive it to be colder due to increased skin evaporation. This evaporative causes heat to be removed from the body, in turn making you feel colder.

Now that you understand these principles you can get a better grasp of how an Evaporative air conditioning unit works. Each unit consists of a water reservoir, a pump, heat-exchange filters and a fan. Firstly, Water will be circulated over the heat-exchange filters by the pump, this allows outdoor air to be cooled as it passes through these filters. Once the filters are cool the fan will suck in outdoor air and push it through these heat-exchange filters, cooling the air significantly as it enters the home through the Evaporative Cooling Ducts.

How cold does an Evaporative Cooler get?

The general “rule of thumb” for Evaporative air conditioning is about 12 – 14 degrees C below the outside temperature, however, there are two factors that play a part in this, the Dry and Wet Bulb Temperatures. The Dry Bulb Temperature is what we usually think of as the air temperature. The Wet Bulb Temperature is the lowest possible air temperature that can be reached by evaporating water in it. Therefore, it is generally affected by humidity, height above sea level, dry bulb temperature and several other factors. So now to calculate the actual cooling ability of an Evaporative Air Conditioner at any given time you simply take the difference between the Dry and Wet Bulb temperatures (35 – 20 = 15) and multiply this number by the cooling efficiency of the units filter pads which is usually 80-85% (15 x 0.85 = 12.75). This number will be the expected cooling ability (in celsius) of your Evaporative Unit.

Now that you’ve learned about the workings of Evaporative air conditioning, take a look at our CoolBreeze Evaporative Cooling page. CoolBreeze are a Perth-based company who are one of the leading Evaporative Cooling companies in Australia and around the world.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

For many customers in Perth, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the best for both heating and cooling systems. Versatile and energy-efficient, they can be used every day of the year.

At Hearth House, we offer all the comforts of ducted reverse cycle AC systems. We provide a selection of the best models from some of the top brands in Australia and beyond. Because we make your comfort our top priority, we offer expert advice and hassle-free installation. Just contact us and we will help you choose the right system that suits your lifestyle.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are versatile, providing heating when it’s cold while effectively cooling your home when it’s hot outside. As your family’s needs vary across the seasons, you need a machine you can trust right throughout the year. Ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are incredibly efficient, cooling and heating more for less electricity. Today’s air conditioners are reliable and will provide many years of total comfort for you and your family. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems absorb heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside; a more energy efficient heating technique than other, conventional heaters which have to ‘create’ heat energy.

Built with both hot and cold conditions in mind, air conditioners have an automatic defrost cycle for more effective operation. Even when the temperature drops as low as minus 5ºC, most reverse cycle air conditioning units can still heat your home. When looking at the need to cool your home, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system absorbs heat from the inside air and dissipates it outside, leaving your home cooler. Advanced technology means that when temperatures reach as high at 46ºC in the heat of summer, your reverse cycle air conditioning system will still cool your home.