Home Heating Products Perth

We all know Perth and Western Australia can get hot, but we also know that in winter it gets cold.

Hearth House has the answers to both problems, but we are truly the experts in heating.

Hearth House has experienced 39 years of winter, and provided the best advice to thousands of people who have kept warm.

How can we keep you warm?

There are a number of ways to heat a room or home.


Wood Fire Heating

The best way to warm up is the good old wood fire.

Wood fires are very different bests today than they were years ago

Wood fires have the ability of heating a room or the whole of a home depending on the size of the fire.

All wood fires have to meet Australian Standards in relation to efficiency and smoke out put

A wood fire will have different burning times depending on the brand and model selected

Wood Fires can be free standing or inbuilt

Some wood fires come with fans to push more heat out


Gas Heating

Gas fires are more often than not purchased for their looks and ease of operation

They will never put out as much heat as a wood fire

No chopping wood or cleaning up ash

Simply turn a switch on and the gas fire start heating the room

A gas fire comes in a variety of sizes, both actual dimensions and heat output

Gas fires have different fire bed mediums, pebbles, crystals or logs

All gas fires have to meet Australian standards

Some gas fires also have optional fans and ducts to transfer the heat to other rooms


Refrigerated Reverse Cycle

Refrigerated Reverse cycle air conditioners are one method.

From a room split system to a fully ducted home, Hearth House have the knowledge

Please refer to our Air conditioning pages for more information about heating with air conditioners


Flued Gas Heaters

A safe way to heat the room is to install a flued gas heater

Flued gas heaters bring air inform outside, for combustion

The burnt gas is expelled to the outside of the home

Great system for efficiency

Flued gas heaters do not effect peoples lungs

Flued gas heaters are fitted to the wall so little children cannot pull them over

No open flame so little children will not burn themselves on flued gas heaters


Ducted Gas Heaters

The perfect partner for an evaporative air conditioner

Separate duct work and outlets are required with a ducted gas heating system

Ducted gas heaters will heat the entire home

Most ducted gas systems can now be zoned

Ducted gas systems are located in the roof and the burnt gas is expelled through a flue

There are various star rated ducted gas heaters. The higher the star the more efficient

Set the timer and come home to a warm home


Heat Transfer Kits

Move the heat from one room to the other

Simply by installing duct work and outlets, with an inline fan

Hearth House is the experts in this work

Call in to a Hearth House showroom and discuss your requirements with an expert



As the name implys, Hearth House also supply a range of Hearths

Made here in Perth to order

Select the tile and the colour at on of the Hearth House showrooms

We will have the hearth delivered to your home with the fire when we carry out the installation



All gas fires sold in Australia have to meet Australian Standards

All gas fires installed in Australia have to meet Australian Installation Standards

Hearth House only use registered gas plumbers to carry out our installation works

All gas plumbers have to meet West Australian Gas Code regulations

Hearth House gas fire installers have to install the fire within the recommendations of the manufacturers installation guide

All wood fires sold in Australia have to meet Australian Standards

Wood fire suppliers provide installation guides

Hearth House only use installers who have vast knowledge of installation

The Hearth House installers are generally Gas Plumbers and so are regulated