Gas Heaters Perth

Gas heaters are perfect for Perth home owners who want convenience and highly reliable warmth from the moment they turn the heat on. Beautiful and featuring the latest technology, these heaters are a stylish addition to any home, adding a modern look while giving the cosy ambience of a traditional fireplace.

Perth residents have many reasons to choose an indoor gas heater for their homes including:

Quick Heat
Gas heaters provide almost instantaneous heat, unlike other forms of heating that can take some time to ‘warm-up,’ with gas heating you can enjoy the warmth as soon as you come inside and switch the heater on.

All gas heaters must pass stringent testing to ensure many years of safe, reliable service in your home. Now you can relax with the peace of mind of a Hearth House gas heater.

In these days of spiralling energy costs, it’s comforting to know that gas heating is one of the most energy efficient forms of heating you can choose for your home.

Low environmental impact
Natural Gas, abundant in Western Australia, is a clean burning energy source with a low environmental impact.

Hearth House has a huge range of gas heaters from the top brands, with a model to suit every home, from the latest contemporary styling to the traditional federation look. Be sure to discover our range and please contact us for any additional information.