Hearth House Terms and Conditions

1. The fan coil will be mounted within a suitable ceiling space on anti-vibration mounts or threaded rod. Primary and secondary safety drains shall be provided from the fan coil unit with a gradient fall to a drain point at ground level.
2. The return air grille and filter are fitted with hinged access panels for easy filter removal and cleaning. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the filter clean – failure to do so may void the unit warranty.
3. Design criteria: calculations based on summer – Indoor 24ºC / Outdoor 37ºC. Winter- Indoor 21ºC / Outdoor 7ºC
4. Electrical Services Included: Cables between indoor & outdoor units to a maximum length of 20m & 30m between Switch Board and Isolator. Any additional cable required will be charged for at standard Hearth House rates.
5. Refrigeration Services included: Insulated pipe-work to a maximum length of 15m is included, any additional pipe-work required will be charged at standard Hearth House rates. To maximise the unit’s efficiency, ceiling insulation is essential for buildings to be air conditioned. The heat load calculations for this building have assumed minimum R2.5 insulation is to be installed.
6. Condenser Mounting: Unless indicated otherwise on the invoice, the condenser unit/s will be located at ground level. The customer is to provide a suitable, level surface [such as concrete pad, paving etc] for the condenser location. (Dimensions to be obtained from Hearth House). In the event that the Condenser cannot be located at ground level any extra costs, such as Roof Mounts, Wall Brackets, Isolation rubbers, Crane or Genie lift hire is not part of the contract unless otherwise specified.

7. The drain pipe will be plumbed down to ground level. It will not empty into existing drains or gutters.
8. With change over systems we require a 550mm x 550mm square dropper or a new dropper or adapter will be needed and charged for.
9. Extra tiles needed for swap over units will are to be supplied by the customer and at their cost.

10. One (1) metre of gas pipe is included for gas fire installations with extra being charged at standard Hearth House rates.
11. Electrical power point and isolation switch will be requited for all inbuilt gas fires. Hearth House can organize at additional costs.
12. All care will be used when quoting extra flue however the customer will incur any extra flue costs.

13. All care will be used when quoting extra flue however the customer will incur any extra flue costs.
14. Supply of floor protection hearths are the responsibility of the customer.

15. Please ensure your insurance policy covers theft or damage to any equipment after delivery to site. Hearth House accepts no responsibility for items/components installed or left on site.
16. All Penetrations, Bulkheads and chasing of walls required for the installation of our equipment are not part of our contract. No allowance has been made for final boxing in of any exposed duct work run through cupboards etc.
17. Please forward a copy of the final plans to us to confirm the size and location of any penetrations before construction begins.
18. Hearth House reserves the right to be reimbursed for any costs incurred for replacement or re-installation of equipment damaged or removed by other trades or persons associated with the project.
19. Two storey homes or homes with a steep roof pitch will require scaffolding / guard-rails. Where the builder has provided scaffolding, it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Hearth House a minimum of 2 weeks before the scaffolding is to be removed. Any additional scaffolding / guard-rail costs will be charged for, unless otherwise stated.
20. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Hearth House on the progress of the job so we can carry out any pre-ducting and pre-wiring. Hearth House requires a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice prior to pre-duct.
21. Additional site visits after the primary one will be charged at standard Hearth House rates unless specified.
22. No responsibility will be taken by Hearth House for adjustments to bulkheads or dropped ceilings as required, to allow for the installation of ducting, outlets, flue etc.
23. All costs incurred by Hearth House due to late notice cancelations/postponements will be on charged to the customer and must be paid prior to work recommencing.
24. Electrical Services Excluded: Unless stated otherwise, any upgrading of the power supply will be your responsibility and cost.
25. Painting of the refrigeration piping covers to the air-conditioning services, flue or external metal work is not included in our contract unless specified.
26. Disposal of removed goods and packaging is the responsibility of the customer. Hearth House can organize disposal at additional costs.
27. Any measurements supplied by the customer to Hearth House are the customer’s responsibility. Cost incurred to Hearth House for incorrect measurements will be charged back to the customer.
28. A signed copy of the invoice, installation check list and these terms & conditions must be returned before any job can proceed.
29. All permits and permissions from Council, Landlords, Body Corporate, Heritage Commission or any similar governing body are the responsibility of the customer to obtain. Hearth House holds no responsibility for work carried out that does not meet requirements of other parties.
30. Full unrestricted access is to be made available to Hearth House at the area where works are to be completed. We hold the right to postpone the job and to request reimbursement for lost time in making an area accessible.
31. Hearth House has the right to postpone and rebook work if rain or weather does not permit work to be completed in a safe manner at no cost to customers.
32. Title and ownership to any goods sold to the customer on this invoice or any related invoice shall remain with the supplier and will not pass to the customer until such time as full payment of this invoice and any other related invoices. Hearth House retains the right to enter any premises of the customer to recover any goods in which it has title. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Hearth House in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees and solicitors costs shall be paid by the customer.