Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – Supply and install

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems give you the best for whole of home heating and cooling.

They are energy efficient and cope well with humidity and West Australia’s heat and cold.

At Hearth House we are the experts in refrigerated ducted air conditioning in Perth. We have been selling and installing ducted Air Conditioning systems for 39 years and have a dedicated installation and service department. Our ducted Air Conditioning installers are all experienced, as are our trained specialist sales consultants.

We consult with you, regarding your family and lifestyle to provide you with the best ducted air conditioning system proposal, aiming to keep you and your family comfortable 365 days of the year.

Hearth House supply and install the best brands of ducted air conditioning systems in Perth, including, LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Toshiba, Carrier, Rinnai, Haier .

We marry our ducted air conditioning systems up with the best ducted air conditioning system controllers such as iZone. These controllers allow for Wi-Fi connection, air flow control, separate room temperature control as well as full home automation.

Each of our ducted Air Conditioning system installations is treated individually, as every family’s living requirements differ, with outlet and zone numbers changing with these requirements.

The way we design, size our ducted Air Conditioning systems, and install the ducting outlets, zone dampers and control system, will give you peace of mind for years and ensure you enjoy your Hearth House ducted Air Conditioning system through all the season changes.

Reverse cycle ducted Air Conditioning systems should be installed by experts. Hearth House are registered refrigeration installers and hold our own Refrigeration of Australia number.

We are also able to provide finance so that you can spread your ducted Air Conditioning system investment over a number of years. Call Hearth house to discuss or click here and make you finance application NOW.

What is Inverter Technology?

All refrigerated ducted Air Conditioning systems have an outdoor unit which house the compressor. There are three main types of compressors

Fixed speed compressors are more old style technology. The compressor runs at 100% speed and then turns off when the set point temperature inside has been achieved. It will turn on again when the sensor in the home reads a 2 or 3 degree move from the set point.

An Inverter (variable speed) compressor is the most common now installed in all brands of refrigerated air conditioners. An Inverter compressor runs at 100% for the 1st 15 minutes approximately (some brands vary) and then slows down to about 80% till the set point temperature is achieved. The compressor will then slow down further to about 40 – 50% and hold the temperature at set point.

A Digital compressor is the third type, and only used on a certain few brands. This unit operates like a variable speed compressor but also then will slow down further to about 15% of its capacity to provide further operating cost savings. The issue with these types of systems is that the air flow is also reduced so large areas or multiple zones are not able to operate at the same time.


For easy of understanding

A fixed speed compressor is like driving a car in the city – stop/start

An inverter compressor is like driving in the country – reach speed and turn on cruise control

A Digital compressor is like driving in the country with cruise control but with two cylinders turned off


What size air conditioner is right for you?

A Hearth House design consultant will discuss, with you,  your family size, living styles and requirements to assist in calculating the best zoning for your ducted Air Conditioning system.

The next step is for a Hearth House consultant to carry out a full heat load design based on our knowledge of the Perth climate and the various brands of refrigerated ducted air conditioners we trust.

Our Hearth House expert will then be able to advise what size ducted Air Conditioning system you require and how many outlets, and the number of zones.

Our expert consultant will then prepare a fully documented proposal, with a design lay out so that you will be 100% confident in the knowledge of what we are recommending and what you will actually receive.

Ask your Hearth House design consultant how the system operates, how it will be installed and what sort of seasonal or yearly servicing will be required, and you will be happy knowing you are dealing with a company that has been doing this for 39 years.


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