Split System Air Conditioning Perth

Want only to cool or heat a single room, or if you have a new home being built with a flat roof and a ducted air conditioner cannot be installed, Hearth House have the solution

With what is commonly known as a split system, there is a possible answer to all the problems.

Technically all refrigerated air conditioners, with the exception of packaged air conditioners are split systems

Years ago in the homes of Perth, there were the room air conditioners. These were square boxes cut into the wall or windows and the compressor, fan and all working bits were in this box. When they operated, the noise was in the room as well

Then Hitachi air conditioning split the unit up. The compressor went into a box outside and the fan (known as the fan coil) was inside the room or in the case of ducted air conditioners or cassettes, in the roof.

No more noise issues

Split systems are available in a variety of configurations

Wall Split air conditioners are the most common. The outdoor is installed generally on the ground off the wall of the room where the indoor unit is located. The general allowance is for 3mt of pipe work and 10mt of electrical cable. This is known as a back to back air conditioning installation

There are systems from 2kw (suit bedrooms) all the way up to 10kw


Multi split air conditioner are for the more complicated or difficult installation. Where only one outdoor unit is able to be installed, a multiple of indoor units are able to be installed.

Some multi split systems require refrigeration pipe to be run from the outdoor unit to each indoor head.

Some other units, allow for one main refrigeration pipe run to a junction box, where secondary pipe work is then run to each indoor unit

(Add schematic of a multi split – see Don)

Depending on the brand, multi split refrigeration units are available in a wide range of types from the common wall split, cassette split, floor console, bulkhead system.

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VRF or some are also known as VRV systems are for the more complicated and larger jobs.

Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as well as Panasonic and LG all manufacture these units.

They are available in either double refrigeration or triple refrigeration pipe systems.

Most VRF or VRV systems are based on a main pipe run to a junction box as the primary feed and then from the junction box pipe work is run to each head. Some of the more difficult installations may have secondary junction boxes as well.

Ducted Reverse cycle systems are also split systems but generally just referred to as ducted air conditioners.

Please refer to our ducted reverse cycle page for a larger over view of this range of split system

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