iZone Control Systems

Hearth House is proud suppliers and installers of the iZone control systems

These controllers made here in Perth are the market leaders in air conditioner control.

The iZone controller can replace the standard controller on our LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry brands. They are also compatible with Temperzone, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Haier, Mitsubishi Electric, York and Medea air conditioners.

All iZone systems are able to operate up to 14 zones.

The iZone controllers are Wi-Fi compatible, so you can control your air conditioner from anywhere in the world. As long as you have Wi-Fi

Control the air flow into each zone from the controller or any smart appliance.

Add separate sensors in one or more of the zones and you can control the temperature in each zone.

iZone have wireless sensors so no wall chasing and are easy to install.

Or look at the iSense wired controller that will work out if anyone is in the zone and if not ramp down the temperature and save you operating costs.

With iZone you can opt for different controllers on your wall or nothing at all

Naked iZone                      everything is in the roof and you use your smart appliance to operate the air conditioner. If you want there is a remote control to do this as well

Nano iZone                        this is a very neat controller the size of your standard light switch

Nexus iZone                      this is just like a tablet, but designed for controlling the air conditioner


Add a scroll box of the iZone controllers and sensors




With your iZone controller you can also now control the lights in your home with iLight

Whatever your mood, iZone lets you turn on every day lighting into memorable moments of colour.

Turn your light on before you get home, or have different rooms on and off at different times for          

when you are away,

Pay your music and have the lights change to the beat. All with iLight





Bring fresh air in from outside using your air conditioner and ducting.

Save money by not running the compressor but instead turn on the iSave

It is easily installed but we do need sufficient roof space to do this




iZone Reticulation


Using the smart app on your phone or appliance, control your reticulation from anywhere in the world.

Control up to 8 stations, or you can expand it up to 24 stations

Using IFTT technology, adjust the watering times by the weather forecast. Save money and the environment







iZone Power

Smart plugs let you turn on and off appliances through you smart phone, tablet or device

Save money by turning off the TV without having to reach behind the cabinet

Set schedules to turn appliances on or off. Have the kettle boil before you get up








iZone Garage Door

Have a delivery coming but you can get home. Open the garage door from work

Use your smart phone to close the garage door because you forgot in the morning rush

All of the iZone products can be operated through your smart device and team up with Google Home.

No need to go to the high cost of smart wiring, save thousands

Save money operating your air conditioner, TV or other home appliance

Talk with a Hearth House expert and we will explain how the iZone works with our air conditioners and how we can save you money every day


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