Panasonic Air Conditioners

At Hearth House we are to be able to supply and install Panasonic air conditioners.

All Panasonic products are renowned for their quality and performance and their air conditioners are no different.

Panasonic manufacture a wide range of refrigerated air conditioners to suit all home designs or complicated commercial buildings.

Wall splits, cassette splits, floor splits, ducted systems and FRF systems.

All Panasonic systems installed in residential or commercial applications are covered with a full 5 years parts and labour warranty.

Hearth House back this up with a 5 year installation warranty


Panasonic Wall Split System Air Conditioners

A wall split is ideal if you only want to treat one room.

Panasonic reverse cycle wall splits are available from 2.0kw units up to 10.1kw units and in a two models

The Panasonic wall split system come with both R410 gas and R32 Gas

The outdoor unit sits outside and the indoor unit in the room.

Hearth House can install the outdoor unit on wall brackets or even a roof if space is an issue.


Panasonic Multi Split Air Conditioners

Only have space for one outdoor unit, but want a number of indoor units

Still have separate control in each room, with different temperatures

Panasonic Multi splits come in a range of indoor units, wall splits, bulkhead units, or ceiling cassettes

Hearth House consultants can advise what is best for your home or office


Panasonic Cassette Split Air Conditioners

No wall space for a normal wall split

No ceiling space for a ducted split system

A Panasonic Cassette air conditioner requires little ceiling space and only the  refrigeration pipe work and the condensation drain to be run to the outside of the home or building

A cassette split located in the middle of a large open area is more efficient to operate than a wall split.


Panasonic Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Panasonic have a range of ducted reverse cycle ducted systems in both single and three phases

Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems are all R410 refrigeration gas.

Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are designed to provide treated air conditioned comfort to all parts of a home all year round

In Western Australia most ducted systems are installed with zones.

Panasonic ducted air conditioners are fully compatible with iZone controllers and iSave systems to assist in controlling your operating costs.



Panasonic VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is suitable for large commercial developments.

Panasonic VRF systems again connect via refrigeration pipes to a variety of indoor heads.

The cleaver part of Panasonic VRF systems is that main pipe work is run to junction boxes, where the pipe work to the various heads is then branched off. This saves in pipe work.


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