Wood Fires

Hearth House have been supplying and installing wood fires for 39 years

Wood fires have no significant impact on the environment, are highly renewable and very economical

A slow combustion wood fire is fully sealed, so it is far more efficient than an open fire

Wood fires burn a lot less wood than they used too because of new manufacturing designs

The efficiency of wood fires is rated at number of grams of ash per kilograms of wood burnt

Many of Hearth House wood fires will burn overnight, so wake up to a warm home

Compared to fossil fuels, wood as a fuel is carbon neutral and is will not leave a carbon foot print

Hearth House has our flues specifically manufactured for our range of fires to increase efficiency

An insulated twin skin flue will cut back on heat loss and condensation build up in the roof


Wood fires can be free standing or inbuilt

All wood fires have clearance requirements, so please discuss this with the Hearth House expert

Hearth House can arrange for a tiled hearth for your free standing fire

Likewise some of Hearth House inbuilt fires have zero clearance boxes so they are easy to install into stud frame


Hearth House only use quality installers

Hearth House have so much confidence in our installers, we provide a 5 year installation warranty

Let the Hearth House expert arrange all the installation and take the hustle out of your hands

When Hearth House does the installation, we deliver the fire


Hearth House is able to offer finance for your wood fire

Please review our Finance page and even do the application before you talk to an expert


Hearth House supply and install three major brands of wood fires

The Hearth House range of wood heaters is available in small, medium and large sizes to ensure your family can enjoy a warm home

Hearth House has fires suitable for virtually any home, old or new


There are two main types of wood fires

Convection wood fires has a casing around the fire box for air flow

Convection fires provide a more even heat to the room

A convection wood fire is far better suited to rooms with a standard ceiling height

Radiant fires radiate the heat out

Sit in front of a radiant wood fire and you will feel the heat quicker

A radiant wood fire is better suited to rooms with high ceilings


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